The BLM is a movement that has come back cyclically for many years now, and to understand it, it’s necessary to retrace the history of African Americans;There has always been slavery, Europeans enslaved other Europeans, Europeans enslaved Africans, Africans enslaved other Africans and Africans enslaved Europeans, yes although we are used to hearing the opposite,Continue reading “CONTEXT THE BLM TO REALLY GET SOMETHING DONE”

Why America will never solve its problems.

American started very well, we are talking about the first democracy in the world, at a historical moment when there were still oppressive monarchies in Europe. Every man was equal in America, at least in theory because we know that in reality it concerned mainly white men from northern Europe. However, to have the residenceContinue reading “Why America will never solve its problems.”

Social media are now the worst enemies of celebrities

Paradoxically, in the era of narcissism, in which everyone lives hyper-connected, busy chasing the latest trends and trying to become a celebrity, social media has gone from being the main ally of celebrities to being their worst enemy. I was recently amazed by the phenomenon of cancel culture, in particular the speed with which celebritiesContinue reading “Social media are now the worst enemies of celebrities”

The vegan battle is already lost from the start

Modern society has unaccustomed us to death, death is the consequence of life, everything has an end.For most of human existence, death was part of life, until a few years ago the average life expectancy was around 25 years, a woman had to give birth to 10 children to hope that some would survive andContinue reading “The vegan battle is already lost from the start”