Men’s right and feminism are so similar that should be allies

From the outside the man’s right movement looks ridiculous, an invention from the more privileged part of the population to regain some importance, many in the movement blame feminism for the problems men face in the 21st century, causing it to degenerate into misogynistic threats, but to be honest, many of the problems they talkContinue reading “Men’s right and feminism are so similar that should be allies”


The BLM is a movement that has come back cyclically for many years now, and to understand it, it’s necessary to retrace the history of African Americans;There has always been slavery, Europeans enslaved other Europeans, Europeans enslaved Africans, Africans enslaved other Africans and Africans enslaved Europeans, yes although we are used to hearing the opposite,Continue reading “CONTEXT THE BLM TO REALLY GET SOMETHING DONE”

Social media are now the worst enemies of celebrities

Paradoxically, in the era of narcissism, in which everyone lives hyper-connected, busy chasing the latest trends and trying to become a celebrity, social media has gone from being the main ally of celebrities to being their worst enemy. I was recently amazed by the phenomenon of cancel culture, in particular the speed with which celebritiesContinue reading “Social media are now the worst enemies of celebrities”

I social sono adesso i peggiori nemici delle celebrità

Paradossalmente, nell’era del narcisismo, in cui tutti vivono iperconnessi, a caccia degli ultimissimi trend e credendosi delle celebrità, i social sono passati dall’essere il principale alleato delle celebrità ad essere il loro peggior nemico. Mi ha stupito recentemente il fenomeno della cancel culture, in particolare la velocità con cui celebrità con lunghe carriere di successoContinue reading “I social sono adesso i peggiori nemici delle celebrità”

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