Men’s right and feminism are so similar that should be allies

From the outside the man’s right movement looks ridiculous, an invention from the more privileged part of the population to regain some importance, many in the movement blame feminism for the problems men face in the 21st century, causing it to degenerate into misogynistic threats, but to be honest, many of the problems they talk about are real; the higher suicide rate, the difficulty in obtaining custody of children, higher incarceration rate and so on

So this article is for you, straight cis males, the most hated category of the 21st century; it must be said that your predecessors made a mess, probably all the evils in the world were made by men if we wanted to sum up, but I am of the idea that looking in the past and yelling in each other’s faces pointing the finger at who is to blame does not solve anything, today in the world there are many problems regarding civil rights, and if we want to achieve something it’s time to rationally analyze the situation and get busy.

So, do straight men face discrimination? Yes, is it the fault of feminism? No, let’s make this very clear, feminism hasn’t taken anything away from men, if you’ve ever heard a feminist say that men deserve some form of discrimination or violence so they will learn the lesson, well that person wasn’t a feminist, saying you’re a feminist doesn’t make you one, feminism is complex and requires a lot of study and commitment, today everyone is feminists, and speaking at random they ruin the name of feminism everything that feminists in past centuries have achieved.

The problems that men have nowadays comes from patriarchy, we no longer live in a patriarchal society, but the fact that it is still visible in the dynamics of modern life is undeniable, women choose to major in humanities and are less inclined to chase careers, this is a remnant of the patriarchal mentality, but there is nothing wrong as long as they choose freely.

Over the centuries, men have had the reputation of being irresponsible, unreliable, and unable to control their impulses, the ideal man does not have feelings, neither happy nor sad, never cries, and is never really in love with his woman, he must carry everything on his shoulders without ever complaining or talking about it to anyone, and he doesn’t spend time with his children, he just has to think about financial success.

From an early age, males are directed to pursue this unattainable pattern of alpha males, and this is where all problems arise; children cannot cry and cannot share their feelings, so they never learn to deal whit them, in such a complicated period as adolescence. The consequence is the spike in suicides among men and the rise of any type of violence.

Men are irresponsible and in any case, they are not interested in their children and would not be able to care for them, so custody almost always goes to the mother, men are violent and unable to control their impulses, so prisons are full of men and men are condemned more easily, in short, it is assumed that they are bad, and not wrongly, most of the acts of violence come from men, but it comes from men because the enormous weight of the expectation and the impossibility of talking about it or learning to deal with it makes them explode into episodes of violence, also because from an early age, they are taught that violence is the only acceptable way to show what they feel.

The toxic masculinity you hear so much about does exist, except that it mostly affects men.
Obviously, the agenda of the men’s rights movement is very varied but it is important to make distinctions, between men and women there is no cognitive difference, but there is a biological difference between muscle mass and strength, so it is normal that most heavy work is done by men. Women aren’t there because they wouldn’t be able to do it physically, with some exceptions of course.

And the mandatory military leave? Well if women were forced to participate it would be necessary to study a program especially for them, but we must consider that the lost years would lead women to postpone marriage and pregnancy again, in a society that has fewer and fewer children, not to mention the fact that they probably wouldn’t want to get married and have children anymore, and if they join the military since now they do something that has always been done only by men, they would really demand an equal position in society, and begin to demand a fair distribution of roles in all the parts of life, in housework, raising children, work, and they would fight more fiercely for them. I am in favor of the inclusion of women in mandatory military leave were present, because it would favor women immensely, but you have to be careful about what you want because if you want women to fill roles typically covered by men, you have to be ready to fill roles typically covered by women.

In conclusion, feminism has nothing to do with it, indeed true feminism wants gender equality and wants the problems that men face to be solved, especially because women would also benefit, violence and discrimination against women would really end, stigma against homosexuals would become useless and disappear, and we would all be able to choose the future we want freely without the expectations of gender roles.

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