The BLM is a movement that has come back cyclically for many years now, and to understand it, it’s necessary to retrace the history of African Americans;
There has always been slavery, Europeans enslaved other Europeans, Europeans enslaved Africans, Africans enslaved other Africans and Africans enslaved Europeans, yes although we are used to hearing the opposite, it was very common for Europeans to be enslaved by Africans even in the last years in which this was allowed by law, that is around 1700/1800.

European woman being sold to Harem
Slaves market in europe whit no distictions by race, during the roman empire

For most of European history, there was no difference in status, value, or treatment between black slaves and white slaves, until the church intervened to prevent Christians from possessing other Christians, for this reason, all the slaves that were brought to America were Africans.

Eropean women being sold to Harem
Eropean women being sold to Harem

So America was born and raised by associating the concept of inferiority to black people, and once slavery was abolished, the stigma was so strong that it remained stronger than ever.

slaves camp

The consequence was that due to complicated social and governmental maneuvers, African Americans still found themselves subjected to forms of discrimination and geographic segregation, finding themselves paying very high rents to live in slums and forced to do the worst jobs for poor wages.

school segregation

In addition, the American system gives neighborhoods as many funds as many taxes their citizen can pay, so African Americans find themselves forced into overpaid small and old homes, into humble and underpaid jobs, in a dangerous and dirty neighborhood, forced to attend terrible schools, and to see kids end up in gangs due to the lack of opportunities.
Black people in America still now live whit depressing prospects and no tools for emancipating themselves from the condition of poverty.

A country that rejected noble titles and social classes found itself determining the status and worth of individuals based on ethnicity.
We must remember that discriminatory treatments were not reserved only for Africans, but also for all those who did not come from rich European countries, such as England, Germany, or the Netherlands.
This means that other Europeans were also mistreated, such as Italians and Irish, not as slaves but certainly, they did not live in decent conditions.

Over the centuries, Caucasians have mixed with each other, assimilating the rights of rich whites, while the other ethnic groups have been condemned to be a living stereotype, in a truly exaggerated way, the Asians all shy and hardworking geniuses, Latinos are lazy who cook all the times, black people are dangerous and stupid.

The reason for the violence against people of color, therefore, comes from a bias that is so established in the American culture and the American population that it can be considered an integral part of its identity.

Hanging of the mexica woman

Solving the problem would require the elimination of this bias, an almost impossible goal because campaigns and protests are not enough, a total reform of the entire American system would be necessary, which mean giving all schools the same program and the same amount of funds first of all, so that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, has the same opportunities, moreover the university should become public and almost free, another almost utopian hypothesis for Americans.
But if these changes were implemented, African Americans would begin to emancipate themselves from the condition of poverty and the bias will start to disappear.

The police training period is another problem, while in most rich countries officers are required to have a degree and a 3-year training course, in America a few weeks are enough, so the cops react like scared civilians and shoot at the slightest threat, it would therefore be good to ask the police for appropriate training to avoid accidents.

BLM have to start asking for the right things if it wants to get something done, the abolition of the police is an absurd request and nothing short of stupid, it is not surprising that even though the movement has existed for decades, it cyclically disappear without concluding anything, considering how absurd their requests are.

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