Why America will never solve its problems.

American started very well, we are talking about the first democracy in the world, at a historical moment when there were still oppressive monarchies in Europe.

Every man was equal in America, at least in theory because we know that in reality it concerned mainly white men from northern Europe.

However, to have the residence someone had to renounce to any noble title, a strong and clear message, hard work and talent were more important than anything, what happened to this glorius project?

Now America is a land where people are completely left by themselves, and those who can’t keep up with the madness of modern life are blamed for all their misfortunes.

I don’t want to individually address all the problems that America has now, I want to understand how it came to such an overall disaster.
And the answer is capitalism obviously, don’t get me wrong, capitalism is undoubtedly the best economical system we have, but if left out of control it swallows itself up and destroys itself, paradoxically becoming more similar to communism, whit increasing economic gap, centralization of powers, gradually less and less democratic in political system.

It is really ironic that now America looks more and more like Russia

The problema is that capitalism grew in America during the period of conflict with Russia, in which communism was idealized as the worst enemy, prompting public opinion to reject anything that could even resemble communism or socialism.

So the pubblic opinion pushed for the privatization of anything possible, trust in government systems collapsed and politicians lost more and more power.
Today we are in a political and social scenario in which everyone and evrything is completely dependent on very few, very rich entrepreneurs, who control the media and public opinion, but above all they control the politicians.

Both Republicans and Liberals are completely dependent on the funds of these billionaires, who always control entire sectors that can be considered problematic, such as the guns market, junk food, private health care and so on.

The politicians therefore now find themselves in a position in which they cannot solve the problems of the country because by doing so they would talk bad about one of their financiers, losing funds and then decreeing the end of the party.

So after a shooting in a school there is no talk about banning guns, media and politicians talk about giving guns to teachers and blaming video games. When millions of people die from very simple diseases, and half the country is consumed by medical debt, nobody talk about public health care, it is said that they should find a better job to afford better insurance.
Is not a surprise that the only problems to have a media coverage are those who have no one with big funds to protect them, like the BLM movement against the police, don’t get me wrong the cause is valid, but the police don’t have billions to cover up everything and avoid riots, so they found themselves in the crossfire.

Talking about the modern left, looking at the media they all seem crazy, with claims and ideals that make no sense, but the truth and that reasonable requests are filtered by the media that have interests in it and therefore do not pass uncomfortable opinions.

The right instead? They all look like troglodytes, but the media has an interest in fueling extremist ideals that push for individualism, and so the moderate right and left are disappearing.

So the reason America cannot solve its problems is that the whole system is completely dependent on those same one that cause all the problems, the media owned by the lobbyists spread the ideals that suit them, while the politicians are destinated to disappear if they lose their funds, so even if someone had the courage to speak out, he would still disappear very quickly.
No matter how bad people live, how desperate they are, how many protests they join, it doesn’t matter, without lobbyist funds the whole America would collapse.

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