Social media are now the worst enemies of celebrities

Paradoxically, in the era of narcissism, in which everyone lives hyper-connected, busy chasing the latest trends and trying to become a celebrity, social media has gone from being the main ally of celebrities to being their worst enemy.

I was recently amazed by the phenomenon of cancel culture, in particular the speed with which celebrities with long successful careers have been completely canceled, I am talking about both new influencers and of traditional celebrities.
What happened to Elle first and Demi Lovato then made me think about how the world of celebrities works and how the extraordinary visibility they now have is turning into a disadvantage.

Looking at the old legends of the past, such as Elvis, Marylin Monroe or Sophie Loren, we all have in our heads an idyllic ideal of these figures, as mystical and glorious creatures without flaws or insecurities, while if I think of today’s celebrities, even if their reputation is good, which in itself very rare nowadays, they are always clumsy and imperfect figures, not that there is something bad per se, but the contrast leads us to understand that perhaps the celebrities of the past were not mystics creatures, and that today’s ones are just plain worse because the good old days are always better nothing else matters.
I believe that the continued exposure that celebrities now have inevitably shows us their human side, which is partly positive since we have more realistic models, and this works in favor of us mere mortals (actually in modern society the problem is the frequency with whom we meet these celebrities during the day but this is another discussion that I do not intend to open).

The problem here is only for the celebrities themselves, because I’m sure most of those angelic divas from the past years were actually bitches, we just couldn’t see it.
How else would you explain the speed with which Ellen was canceled after so many years of uninterrupted success; for years before the internet the world had no way of knowing about her terrible behavior, maybe some rumors were spreading among the friends of the collaborators, but they were only rumors, against a successful program with millions of fans.

With the internet, however, a tweet was enough to collect all the negative experiences of invisible people and make them suddenly credible, and then cancel Ellen’s career in an instant.
Demi Lovato is the other example, a long successful career, she has fallen several times but she has always maintained the respect of her fans, but one instagram story was enough to reveal her true personality to the world, in an instant it was clear how much fame has taken her away from reality and transformed her into a spoiled child, now her career is unrecoverable, there is no way that her fans will find her bearable again, not even the desperate attempt to declare herself non-binary has worked, indeed l ‘made her seem even more fake.

These are just two of thousands of examples, the internet has become the worst enemy of celebrities, being a celebrity changes you, having all that money and the continued adoration of millions of people makes you lose touch with reality, creating these megalomaniacs that appear perfect on television but in reality they are egomaniacal monsters.

Only truly intelligent people are able to maintain contact with reality and remain human, this is how you recognize a valid artist, intelligent and charismatic people who can be funny but also have something important to say, who are really good examples to follow.
The ephemeral fame of the internet could even come to self-destruction, in today’s hyper-connected world two realities coexist: one in which the internet remembers everything and forgives nothing, the second in which anyone flocks to the internet in search of fame quickly and easily, and often they finds it.

These new celebrities are destined to disappear as quickly as they appeared, the slightest thing is enough to erase their existence from the people’s memory, especially when there is nothing concrete or interesting at the base, like the case of most influencers (not all however).
What happened to the first generation youtubers ?, and the second one? How often is an influencer deleted or simply forgotten? A facial expression at the wrong time is enough to disappear or a innocent comment from someone that is still too naive, as in the case of Charlie d’Amelio.

There is an ever faster turnover of more and more insignificant people who earn our attention, maybe soon the world will get tired and it will be the end of influencers, maybe actors and singers will stop being on the internet so often, in any case this at least it is for the benefit of the people, at least we will stop being harassed by the lives of people who do not concern us


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