The vegan battle is already lost from the start

Modern society has unaccustomed us to death, death is the consequence of life, everything has an end.
For most of human existence, death was part of life, until a few years ago the average life expectancy was around 25 years, a woman had to give birth to 10 children to hope that some would survive and secure a succession, at the time, killing an animal to survive did not seem wrong to anyone.

Infant mortality in selected European countries, 1800-2010 (moving 5-year average) 

Now there is another very important observation that has to be added, the other constant feature in the history of humanity was the close bond that bound men and nature, which lived in harmony with it and respecting it, modern consumer society made us forget the respect we had for nature, all civilizations in their way have always had a deep respect for animals that were then eaten.
Now with modern technologies, there is a total detachment between producers, animals, and consumers. A farmer who would later eat one of his animals would never have dared to treat it in the way seen in videos stolen from livestock farms, in the same way, a costumer would never accept to eat an animal if he saw a similar scene with his own eyes.

In the modern system, in which producers follow the animals only in very specific situations and no longer during the whole process as it used to be. In which consumers are completely detached from the piece of meat they find packaged, so much so that they are disgusted if a piece of meat looks too much like the animal it once was.
This system has interrupted the natural cycle of life, life has its course and ends, but it is the duty of all creatures that inhabit the earth to respect it, the detachment that has been created no longer allows us to respect life.
I am not here to discuss whether it is healthy or not to eat meat or whether it pollutes or not, in this article I just want to express a thought that I have had in my head for a while; Although I am not vegan, I believe that many points of the vegan agenda are valid, the point is that the world will never stop eating meat, vegans make this their main goal but it is a lost battle and attracts many dislikes.
On the other hand, however, I believe that no consumer of meat on earth (unless he has direct economic interests in this regard) is against demanding dignified treatment for animals, because it is their right and we owe it to them, to give them back the respect that has been taken away from them, guaranteeing them large open spaces and a natural lifespan, without doping and steroids, to return to a conscious consumption of meat.
Because this is not just about animals, the disrespect they suffer nowadays has hundreds of different side effects, starting with the health impact of pollution.
I believe that much more could be achieved if we joined forces and were all on the same side to achieve a fair meat production system.

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